Scott Archery SKU: 5003BS-BK


Scott Archery SKU: 5003BS-BK
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The patented HyperJawTM Technology operates in perfect synchronization which removes any lateral torque that may come from imperfect shooting form. The Legacy features Scott Archery’s Roller Trigger System™ (RTS) which provides a silky-smooth trigger action that can be customized to specific shooting styles with a wide range of adjustment options to fit your unique form and style. 


  • HyperJawTM TechnologyFeatures Unmatched Opening Response, Eliminating Torque & Increasing Accuracy
  • Roller Trigger System (RTS) Provides A Silky Smooth, Adjustable Trigger Action
  • Auto-Closing Stainless Steel Jaws
  • Compact Ergonomic Body Design Provides a More Comfortable and Repeatable Anchor
  • Proven Scott Caliper Roller Sear Design
  • Nylon Connector Strap System for Infinite Length Adjustments
  • Leather Strap with Neoprene for Extra Comfort 



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    For over 40 years Scott Archery has been a pioneer in identifying the little things that matter to the bowhunter.